Monday, 19 January 2015

Please help us save our endangered platypus, he needs your help.
The platypus that live in this area have evolved over hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of years, becoming smaller than your average platypus in order to survive in these spring fed creeks.
The proposed Inland Rail Line, set to be built in our area, will have a dramatic impact on the environment. No on-the-ground environmental impact studies have been done as the Government says it is not important any more and can be done from a desktop in a city that is hundreds or thousands of kilometres away, and gives private as well as foreign companies free rein, allowing them to destroy our environment and our lives whenever they feel inclined. There has also been absolutely no community consultation on this project in our area. This part of the project will destroy vulnerable ecosystems and disrupt and have serious effects on both the animals and the people of Ballard, Spring Bluff, Murphy's Creek, Upper Lockyer and Lockyer Valley areas.
Spring fed creeks in this area will be greatly affected by a tunnel over 5 kilometres long, to be brought through the Toowoomba range through Gowrie Junction. Spoil from this rail tunnel will be used to fill in rough terrain and move creeks. It is more than obvious that any major works in this area of our ecosystem will prove to be catastrophic. Frankly, this project offers nothing good for our areas, only destruction of a beautiful, thriving ecosystem, and heartache for residents who are still coping with the stress of the 2011 and Australia day floods. 
Some railway supporters have been telling us to 'take one for the greater good'. Should the platypus as well as other native animals really die so just a few big companies can make a few more dollars while disguising it all as a benefit for the people? Really, all they are doing is asking us to 'take one for their bank accounts' and honestly, we shouldn't have to. It doesn't matter where in the worlds you are, please help us save the platypus and save the ecosystem from the construction fat-cats. Don't you think it's time that ordinary people got the right to say no on their own property?

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